RSS leader Bhaiyyaji Joshi expressed displeasure over the interference of judiciary in religious matters while addressing a Makar Sankranti Utsav at the Dhanupali Saraswati Sisu Mandir premises here.

He also regretted the inordinate delay in the Ram Temple matter. People of the country want an early verdict; the court should realise and feel the pulse of the people he said.

“We are not prepared for any delay in the construction of the Sri Ram temple at his birthplace in Ayodhya,” he said.

Bhaiyyaji Joshi further expressed his concern over the inequality in the society. The country has made a lot of progress on all fronts. There has been eye-catching progress in the field of health, education, communication, food-production, defence, and many others. Yet there are people living below the poverty line since the outcome is not equally distributed, he said.

“There are still people who are unable to arrange a square of a meal for themselves,” he lamented.

Many people don’t have shelter and that is the reality in spite of the many tall claims of poverty alleviation and development,” said the RSS leader.

Prof Shankar Prasad Pati, who spoke about the importance of Makar Sankranti in the agrarian society and Odisha, expressed grief that the man who provides food to the whole of the nation is not well cared in our country and always languishes in poverty. “Only when the farmer has a smile on his face can we say or claim that the nation has developed,” he said.