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Mumbai man weaves Bollywood thriller out of a ride he didn’t take

Even Anurag Kashyap is praising him.

SNS | New Delhi |

What happens when a cab fails to come to pick you up but service charges you for the ride not taken? You lose your mind. You curse the driver, tell the service provider to return your money, and vow never to use the ride-sharing service ever. (It is another thing that after a while you would forget and forgive.)

But what if the driver who was supposed to pick you up begins the ride without you? This is exactly what happened to Preshit Deorukhkar, a Mumbai-based writer.

Deorukhkar booked an Uber cab to travel to some place within Mumbai. The cab started the trip. The only problem – Deorukhkar wasn’t in it.

For some weird (and yet unknown) reason, the driver of the cab decided to travel all across Mumbai for as long as possible. The first thing Deorukhkar did was tag Uber in a tweet informing them of his ordeal.


But while others in his place would have become really furious, Deorukhkar decided to turn the journey of the cab driver into an amazingly hilarious story complete with screenshots of the route taken by the driver.

1 The aimless rider


2 Like, seriously! Is the driver a cousin of M of James Bond fame?


3 Deorukhkar has his suspicions


4 A car takes a jetty.


5 Perhaps the driver believes in rejuvenation through yogic methods


6 We need a detective here.


7 Heading back after completing ‘the job’


8 But the long route back to the city! Why?


9 Remembered something or got someone’s call?


10 What epiphany dawned on Mr P, one wonders.


11 Crossing another religious site


12 The mangroves hide something


13 Treasure in mangroves? That’s exciting!


14 Always expect the Police to play a role (any role) in a thriller


15 Finally, heading back to the city


16 Oh, he caught Deorukhkar snooping on him!


Deorukhkar was charged Rs 857 for the ride he didn’t take.


He then posted another screenshot showing the ‘action’ taken by Uber on the rider. Though the ride-sharing giant refunded his money, Deorukhkar noted that there was no apology from the company.


Deorukhkar’s story was so brilliant that even Anurag Kashyap took note of it.