A mob on Wednesday ransacked a private hospital here and beat up the security guards following a patient's death.

"A mob attacked and vandalised the Calcutta Medical Research Institute in Ekbalpur after a girl admitted to the hospital died," a police official said.

According to hospital attendants, a group of nearly 100 men attacked the hospital with metal rods breaking down the front door and ransacking the reception area.

The mob also beat up the security personnel posted at the gate.

"They shattered the glass door at the entrance and smashed the computer peripherals that were kept at the specialty counters. The duty manager was also severely beaten up when he tried to stop them. We were helpless. How could we stop a mob of 100 men," said a security guard posted at the hospital.

"We are extremely scared. Our hospital was full of patients when the incident happened. They completely destroyed the well-decorated counters and smashed the computers. We all are feeling insecure," the hospital's public relations officer said, visibly petrified after the incident.

However, the family members of the deceased accused the hospital of killing their girl through wrong treatment and demanding money without taking care of critical patients.

"Our girl suffered a heart attack after she was given a wrong injection. She was taken to the operation theatre after a long delay. The hospital killed the patient," alleged a relative of the deceased.

"They kept demanding money without treating the critical patient. We said we will pay the fees as soon as possible but they never listened," another local said.