After the Supreme Court (SC) revoked the ban imposed by the government in various states, including Haryana on releasing of the controversial movie “Padmaavat”, now the Haryana government has appealed the people for not watching the film that has been facing agitation for allegedly distorting historical facts.

Haryana Health minister Anil Vij said on Tuesday said that the state government would provide security to the cinema halls screening the film, however, the people are requested to not to watch the movie, that has been opposed by a section of society and could become a law and order problem in the state.

Vij said, “As the Supreme Court has ordered for releasing of the film in all the states, now the Haryana government is also bound to comply with the order and provide security to the multiplexes. However, we still believe that the filmmaker Sanjay LeelaBhansali has distorted the historical facts in the movie and that is why the people should not watch the film.”

“Our Chief Minister (ManoharLalKhattar) has already appealed the cinema owners to not screen the film and the people should also avoid watching the movie. Moreover, we will provide full security to the cinema halls and nobody would be allowed to take the law in their hands.”