After Dalits being harassed in numerous ways in Gujarat, it is now the turn of Manipuri students to face racial slurs.

But, unlike Dalits who are taunted and assaulted in villages and small towns, the students from Manipur have been victims of racial remarks in the prestigious Maharaj Sayajirao University (MSU) at Vadodara.

In a memorandum to the MSU Vice-Chancellor Parimal Vyas, nearly 300 Manipuri students have demanded rustication of the students guilty of racist slurs against them.

The Manipuri students have also demanded that the university should take responsibility that no racial slur is hurled against any North-Eastern students in future.

The trouble started at the MM Hostel on the night of 1 March when some students from Rajasthan got drunk and hurled liquor bottles at Manipuri students. The abuses included racist slurs against North-Eastern students, the Manipuri students alleged.

Later, on 11 March, provoked by a racist slur, some Manipuri students attacked a student from Rajasthan inside the MM Hostel. Three Manipuri students have been detained for this attack on the student from Rajasthan.

The Manipuri students have alleged that they are regularly targeted and racially discriminated against not only by students but also by the hostel warden, Sanjay Solanki.

The memorandum by Manipuri students has demanded the arrest of the accused students and booking them under the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

Vice-Chancellor Parimal Vyas has promised to conduct an inquiry into the episode.