In a heart-rending incident, a man abandoned his newborn daughter after the death of his wife during the childbirth. The father left the newborn in the hospital nursery and did not return to take her home.

The hospital administration has informed the Ganga Nagar police station and efforts are on to contact the family of the infant but their mobile numbers are switched off.

“We have received the complaint and are trying to approach the family of the infant,” said Rajesh Kumar, SP (Rural), adding that in case no one turns up to take her, she would be sent to an orphanage.

Mamta (32) was brought to the ApsNova hospital of Ganganagar on April 30 in a critical condition by her husband Sheeshpal. “She was referred to us and brought here from Pheena, Bijnore at 5:30 pm on April 30,” said Dr Kashika Singh Chauhan, adding that she has a profuse vaginal bleeding and was expecting childbirth.

Hence, blood was arranged and she was operated and shifted to the ICU as the pulse and BP was not normal, told the doctor, adding that they called a physician to attend to her and problem in the heart was identified. Her heart was not working properly and the physician started his treatment but she had a cardiac arrest the next day and died, she the doctor.

The family, including the husband, was there throughout the treatment. As soon the patient died, the family took her body and left saying that they would return after the cremation to take along the baby. But no one turned up to take the child.

“After waiting for two days, we informed the police,” said the doctor, adding that they tried to contact the two mobile numbers provided in the patient’s records, of which one was switched off and the other was a wrong number.

The infant is still in the nursery. “Her condition too is critical and she is on the ventilator,” said Dr Kashika, saying she will recover soon.

Deceased Mamta was a mother of a 4-year-old son and had two abortions before the birth of this child. “She was not under my observation for nine months of her pregnancy and was referred in view of her critical condition,” said the doctor.

Some reports in the local media claimed that when baby’s father Sheeshpal was approached, he clearly said he didn’t want to take responsibility of the child.

Meanwhile, some NGOs have also approached the hospital and enquired about the health of the child. “Besides some NGOs, individauls  are also coming to us with requests for adoption of the child. But our preference is that she should go to her own family when she has a father and a brother,” said Rohit, PRO of the hospital.