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Macbook Air, iPhone 6s for Rs. 18,000!

SNS | New Delhi |

Fraudsters are on the prowl. And the deals they offer are so enticing that even a sceptic would like to give a try!

Unbelievable offers are there on the Facebook. Take this: Combo of Macbook Air and Apple iPhone 6s for Rs. 18,000! There is a phone number (08851194906) you can place your order at. called at the number and the woman at the other end confirmed that the offer is very much available.

A chat on WhatsApp ensues and the woman, who identified herself as Manpreet, insists on making half the payment through Paytm and the rest be paid at the time of the delivery. She insists on making the payment as early as possible as the delivery guy is about to leave the office.

When she is asked to change the mode of payment, she says the products will be available at market price then. asked her to send the gadgets and get the payment at the time of delivery in cash or whatever mode of payment she wants. There was a big no from the other end.

When the call is cut abruptly with the promise to place the order soon, the woman starts calling repeatedly. When her calls are not picked up, she sends a messages: “Hun ta dsdo sir (tell at least now sir)”.

When she is asked to give the address of the shop, she is elusive in her replies. The only information she provides is that the shop is in Delhi’s Subhash Nagar. The conversation ends when she is told to deliver the gadgets and collect the payment.

Attempts to reach at the said number after a couple of days went futile  — “it is out of reach or switched off”. I am sure many people must have been waiting for the gadgets, which will never be delivered.