Ahead of the rural polls, state tourism minister and MLA of the Dabgram- Fulbari Assembly constituency has warned party workers against being involved in grabbing government land.

Mr Deb also made clear that the party would not stand by workers if attempts are made to capture plots of land belonging to individuals. The stern message is considered significant, especially after allegations have been levelled against a section of party workers of grabbing land, encroachment, and illegal land dealings in his constituency.

Addressing a booth-level party meeting of the Dabgram- I gram panchayat (GP), Mr Deb said the party will not support workers if they are found involved in encroachment of government land. “You need to know that the police and the administration are monitoring such activities.

We will not support workers if they are found involved in encroachment of government land. Such money is not used in our party. Government property is the property of the state and the country. We have to protect such property.

We will not tolerate any loot by using the name of the party. Party workers may like it or not, but this is the party’s stand,” Mr Deb said. He added that names of some party workers have been dragged into such land dealings earlier, which, according to him, is not expected.

Political observers said that the two-time MLA, Mr Deb is aware of the fact that such issues can put the ruling party in embarrassing situations, especially during elections, which can influence the results. While many leaders have expressed concern about land grabbing, the situation has not changed much.

“We strongly condemn land-grabbing of any individual through muscle-flexing. Such cases will be dealt with by the police and the administration. There will be no interference of the party. We will stand by you if there are political clashes, but not on this issue,” he added.