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KV teacher defends her ‘revealing clothes invite Nirbhaya-like rapes’ remark

SNS | New Delhi |

Raipur Kendriya Vidyalaya’s Biology teacher, who told students that girls wearing short clothes invite Nirbhaya like rapes, defended her statement saying that she was only instructing the girls to abide with the school’s ‘code of conduct.’

She stood firm with her belief that the girls should not leave homes at night to avoid rapes. The teacher added that she once saw Class 11 students outside at 8:30 pm and suggested that they should go home because their safety is in their own hands.

“What happened with Nirbhaya was wrong but she could have saved herself, if she had not gone out late,” ANI quoted her as saying.

It was earlier reported by Times of India that the Biology teacher is telling girls that they invite Nirbhaya type rapes if they go out late at night or wear short clothes.

In a class attended by both girls and boys, the teacher told students that wearing revealing clothes incites crimes like that of the Nirbhaya gangrape adding that outgoing women like Nirbhaya are “calling for it”.

The TOI report added that a complaint against the teacher has been filed by the infuriated parents who met the school principal on Monday. The girls, reportedly, taped the teacher’s session in a bid to prove their claim.

The teacher allegedly told the students, “Girls expose their body only when they don’t have beautiful faces. Girls have become so shameless, why did Nirbhaya go out so late at night with a boy who wasn’t her husband? It’s difficult to understand why an issue was made of this. Such incidents happen with girls in remote areas frequently. Nirbhaya’s mother shouldn’t have allowed her go out so late at night.”

Nirbhaya’s gang-rape had shaken the entire shaken as people from walks of life took to streets to protest against the brutal incident. However, it seems that the Biology teacher in question believes that it was Nirbhaya’s fault.

The teacher is heard saying in the audio clip that when women wear short clothes, boys think that the girl is available and she wants ‘it’ as she is characterless.