Mamata accuses PM Modi of violating model code of conduct

The CM accused PM Modi of holding a roadshow during the second phase of polls in Gujarat.

Mamata accuses PM Modi of violating model code of conduct

File Photo: ANI

Ahead of participating at the preparatory meeting for G-20 summit in Delhi, chief minister Mamata Banerjee today accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of violating the Model Code of Conduct by holding a roadshow during the second phase of polls in Gujarat.

She pointed fingers over the use of lotus in the logo as well as the seizure of cash in West Bengal.

“On the day of the election, the PM holds a road show. This is a violation of the Model Code of Conduct. The EC should look into this. If one is holding a political rally on the day of polls, the result will be what you imagine. It could be hundred on hundred but is it fair?” asked Miss Banerjee at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport before departing for Delhi for a meeting with the Prime Minister on India’s G-20 presidency.


Along with slamming the PM for flouting the Model Code of Conduct Miss Banerjee accused the Election Commission of offering “special treatment” to some people by allowing political rallies on election day.

“It is the Election Commission’s duty. As a political party, we abide by the EC. But what the Supreme Court said, I do agree, 100 per cent. For the Election Commission also there should be some system for nomination of the Election Commissioners. On election day, roadshows are banned. But for them, it may be excused. They are special. This is the basic difference,” she said.

Condemning the use of lotus in the G-20 logo, Miss Banerjee said she would refrain from raising this issue as it may not augur well for the country if discussed outside. She said that she had been silent after seeing the logo.

“Why is the lotus used in the logo? Was there no other way to depict our culture? They had used this logo earlier also. When it comes to national issues, we don’t say anything as it will not give a good message to others,” she said.

She said that the Centre should have chosen any other national symbol other than the lotus as it represents a political party.

“Lotus is our national flower. But if the Election Commission allowed a political party to use it as their symbol, then what can be said. If they wanted then they could have used other national symbols like tiger or peacock or the national emblem,” she further said.

Miss Banerjee clarified that she does not want any controversy on this matter as it involves the country. “So, I have not said anything. But this does not mean it is a non-issue. It is an important issue and they should think over it,” she added.

The Congress has also alleged that the Centre used lotus in the G-20 logo in order to promote the BJP. Earlier, a press release from the Prime Minister’s office had stated that the logo draws inspiration from the vibrant colours of the national flag namely saffron, white, green and blue.

No one-on-one meeting with PM Prior to leaving for Delhi, Miss Banerjee ruled out the possibility of any one-on-one meeting with Mr Modi.

“I don’t think there will be any one-on-one meeting with the PM this time. There will be some venues in Bengal as well for the meeting for the G20 summit. I will visit Ajmer Sharif and Pushkar tomorrow and hold a meeting with MPs of our party the next day,” she said.

Miss Banerjee accused the BJP for bringing in cash, goons and guns in West Bengal. “They are bringing in cash, bombs and guns along with the central security forces so that the state police cannot check them,” she said adding that she had requested the BJP leaders to be vigilant.

“Let us fight each other politically and not by any other means,” she said.

It may be mentioned here that over Rs 93 lakh was found in a car in Jalpaiguri yesterday and police investig ation is under way in this connection.