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KMC survey identifies 10 lakh patients with co-morbidities

KMC order says ashes of Covid patients can be collected from sub-registrar office free of charges

Statesman News Service | Kolkata |

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has compiled a list of one million citizens with multiple medical conditions; the data, the civic body believes, will help facilitate faster treatment for such patients.

The KMC board member in charge of health, Atin Ghosh today said that a list has been nearly compiled with data of patients who have co-morbidities. “When a patient is admitted in a hospital with Covid symptoms, it becomes difficult for family members to notify the doctor about the other medical complications the patient may suffer from and this leads to delay in treatment. To avoid this, KMC is carrying out a door-to-door mass survey, the final list of which will be completed in the next few days” he said.

He highlighted, as of now, the KMC has been able to compile a list of one million people in the city within KMC areas who have co-morbidities. “We are carrying out the survey in a set of 20 wards and eventually will cover all 144 wards of the civic body,” said Mr Ghosh.

Alongside, Mr Ghosh notified that an official order has been dispatched by KMC which instructs that families of patients’ who died of Covid, will have to collect the ashes from the sub-registrar office at the crematoriums and no money can be demanded for handing over the urn to the kin of the deceased.

“This measure was taken to avoid any malpractices which might involve extorting money in exchange of the ashes. In such cases, one can lodge complaints at contact nos. 9830555111/9830011041” said Ghosh. KMc to conduct dengue meeting in boroughs 7,8,9 and 10.

Meanwhile, KMC and KP will coordinate to enforce Covid protocols tomorrow at the ghats where tarpan ritual is performed on Mahalaya. “Social distancing needs to be maintained with six feet distance. Masks are mandatory on the ghats. We have began cleaning these ghats.”