The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is to soon set up camps in most market places inside the city in order to educate traders, especially food vendors, concerning trade and food safety licence.

The civic body will soon set up camps in all market places across the city. The aim of the campaign will be to interact with the traders and explain to them the importance of getting their trade licences done.

The KMC also intends to provide food safety license to all traders dealing in food products and items. Explaining the initiative, Mr Atin Ghosh, member mayorin- council (MMIC), Health, said: “Inside the largescale markets, the market unions collect a rent from the vendors and by paying it, the vendors continue to do business. Most of them are yet to obtain a license from the KMC. The traders need to obtain their trade licenses. We are also setting up a committee that would decide on issuing food vendors with the food safety license.”

“We, however, cannot give the food safety license to random food vendors. The KMC will only issue the food safety licenses to vendors who are selling food items in hygienic conditions. The committee will decide which food vendors could be given that licence, which will further depend on a gradation system. A survey has been carried out already for the purpose. We will also impart food safety trainings to the food safety officers,” said Mr Ghosh.

The MMIC further added that some traders come from the districts and leave the city after their day’s sale. It is not possible for many of them to come to the KMC headquarters to get the mandatory licenses done.

“We will therefore set up camps in the market places which will enable the traders to get the formalities for the licenses done there. By the end of April, we will conduct workshops zone wise for the purpose,” said Mr Ghosh.