Regular traffic census was not being conducted in Haryana for assessing the need for widening and strengthening of roads, in absence of which, State Highways (SHs) were not being widened or strengthened as per criteria and other important roads were also not being upgraded as SHs despite fulfilling the criteria.

Observing this, the  Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India in its recent report has also mentioned that scrutiny of records of test-checked Divisions revealed that four Divisions including Kurukshetra-II, Rewari, Sirsa-II and Gurugram-II had not been conducting traffic census on a regular basis as provided for in the Indian Road Congress (IRC) Code.

The report says that Audit observed that traffic census was being conducted only at the time of submission of proposal for upgradation and strengthening of highways. Details shows that five Divisions including Karnal-I have not been conducting traffic census for past 2-5 years.

The CAG said that the laid control of mechanism was not followed in execution of works, resulting in excess expenditure of Rs 12.53 Crore over the administrative approval and execution of items of Rs 3.43 Crore not specified in detailed estimates without obtaining approval of the competent authority. The projects were delayed substantially leading to cost over-run of Rs 1.58 Crore and loss of revenue of Rs 3.94 Crore on account of toll fees.

Not only this, the CAG further mentioned in its report for the year ended 31 March 2017 that there were 31 SHs in Haryana having total length of 2416 kilometers in January 2013 which reduced to 27 with total length of 1732 kilometers due to declaration of four SHs as National Highways.

The Public Works Department (Buildings and Roads) had incurred an expenditure of Rs 1114.97 Crore during 2012-17 on strengthening, widening and maintenance of SHs through 26 works Divisions.To ascertain whether planning for construction and maintenance of SHs was proper and works were executed economically and efficiently with due regard to codal provisions, records of eight Divisions including Bhiwani, Kurukshetra-II, Rewari, Sirsa-I, Sirsa-II, Gurugram-II, CharkhiDadri and Karnal-I, which incurred an expenditure of Rs 443.56 Crore on 58 SHs works during 2012-17 were test checked between November 2016 and March 2017.

The Audit findings were referred to the Government in May 2017 and the replies furnished by the Executive Engineers (EEs) concerned and endorsed in August 2017 by the Additional Chief Secretary, Public Works Department (Buildings and Roads) have been incorporated at appropriate places, the CAG added.

After scrutiny of records, the CAG further pointed out non-upgradation of important roads as SHs, excess expenditure over administrative approval, non-preparation of revised detailed estimates, time and cost overrun, non-provision of proper drainage, non-use of waste plastic in bituminous mix etc in Haryana during past years.