The government on Saturday provided food packets for shepherds stranded in Bara Banghal area (inaccessible by road) due to snowfall on Thamsar Pass-through IAF chopper.

The Kangra district officials conducted an aerial survey, including over the Thamsar Pass, Jalsu and Khalihani Pass, to search for people stranded, but no one was spotted. “Fifty packets of dry ration were handed over to the ration depot in Bara Bhangal for distribution. There are 20-22 flocks of sheep in the areas and all shepherds are safe,” said an official.

A number of shepherds, who go with their flocks of sheep and goats, along with horses, to Bara Banghal looking for greener pastures in summers, had got stuck in the area, as the trek connecting the pocket had got washed off in heavy rains, and some of them are still stuck due to snowfall on Thamsar Pass, which they have to cross over to reach Kangra.