Mayor Sovan Chatterjee’s father-in-law and Mahestala Municipality chairman Dulal Das on Wednesday hit out at Baishakhi Banerjee as being responsible for the break in relation between mayor and his daughter, Ratna Chatterjee.

“Baishakhi Banerjee was responsible for the break in relation between Sovan Chatterjee and Ratna Chatterjee. If she is his friend as she is claiming , why she could not prevent the both from seeking separation?.

I cannot identify her to be our family friend,” alleged Das. Going a step further, mayor’s father-in law said: “Mayor is claiming that he had left his paternal house for good then why he is feeling so alone and why the other members of the family are not with him? Whereas, all the family members are solidly rallying behind Ratna Chatterjee,” he said.

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A day after mayor Sovan Chatterjee rallied strongly behind his “friend in need” and much -talked about Baishakhi Banerjee, pat came the reply from the professor of political science, who too in turn sang paean of Chatterjee and asserted that she would remain with him as his friend till the last day.

Ms Banerjee, who came into spotlight after the mayor called her his “long time family friend” who even had helped out his estranged wife Ratna Chatterjee, on Wednesday showered encomiums on the Behala East MLA saying , “The post of a mayor or minister is trifle to me. I know Sovan Chatterjee as a person whom I respect to the core and shall remain his follower till the end.” She said that she had leant many things from the mayor.

“By virtue of being a follower of MrChatterjee, I was very fortunate enough to inherit some moral values, dignity and modesty from him. He had taught me how one should work for the people. I revere Mr Chatterjee as my friend and continue to be with him till the end,” Ms Banerjee quipped.

She said: “At one point of time, I had expressed my desire to put an end to the friendhsip.” Meanwhile, Mrs Ratna Chatterjee, mayor’s estranged wife, said today, “Nobody can be a family friend in one or two years.”