In order to check manufacture of spurious products, the special team of Chief Minister’s Flying Squad on Tuesday has unearthed two factories manufacturing spurious ghee in district Hisar.

An official spokesperon said that the members of unit conducted a raid on two factories manufacturing spurious ghee and took samples of the ghee. One of the factories was being run at an old dairy premise located at Mirzapur road in Hisar and another at Shiv trading company at Shyam vihar colony in the city.

He said that during the raid, 100 tins of Proto-vanaspati, 32 tins of Aksar vanaspati, 13 tins of refind oil, nine boxes of Madhu Sandha ghee, 67 kg Madhu Sandha ghee, 7 kg open Madhu Sandha ghee, 42 boxes of Madhu Sangam, 14 kg Dalda ghee and six big cylinders were seized from the factory on Mirzapur road.

While 10 tins of Ghee without mark, 18 tins ghee in plastic boxes, 25 kg Sri Bharat ghee, one box of Sangh deshi ghee, 27 boxes Kanhiya King ghee, 10 tins of Aksar Vanaspati, 11 tins of Vibhor Refind Soyabin oil, 8 tins of Mahakosh refind Soyabin oil, one tin of King Soyabin, 100 empty tins of five kg, 200 of one kg and 50 of two kg, six domestic gas cylinders, two commercial gas cylinders and two big tubs were seized during raid conducted at Shiv trading company, he added.

The spokesperson further stated that during the recent raids the squad has arrested 23 persons in connection with recovery of about 1.30 lakh bottles of illicit liquor including Indian made foreign liquor, country made liquor and beer.

As many as 20 cases in this regard have been registered at different police stations in the state.