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Shailza Dwivedi murder | Major Handa misleading investigators: Police

Accused Major Nikhil Rai Handa had been taken to Meerut on Wednesday to recreate the sequence of crime

SNS | New Delhi |

Delhi Police officers probing the Shailza Dwivedi murder case said on Wednesday accused Major Nikhil Handa had been misleading the investigation. Major Handa had been taken to Meerut on Wednesday to recreate the sequence of crime, and to also find the sharp-edged weapon using which he had allegedly slit Shailza’s throat.

Shailza Dwivedi, 35, was murdered on Saturday, 23 June, and the murder weapon is yet to be recovered. Accused Major Handa, 40, was arrested from Meerut on 24 June.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) Vijay Kumar said Handa was misleading investigators by furnishing incorrect information.

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“Accused Nikhil Handa is giving us misleading information day after day. We have done 90% of the work & in coming days the truth will come out,” he said.

The officer said Handa had met his brother after the incident and that they travelled from CR Park to Akshardham in Handa’s car. He said the brother told the police that Handa had said he was involved in a road accident and did not mention the murder.

The officer said they took Handa to a couple of places in Delhi and Meerut where he claimed to have dumped the weapon, but could not find it.

The police are also yet to recover a towel which Handa claimed he had burnt after wiping the bloodstains off his car.

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Shailza found dead with her throat slit near the Brar Square in Delhi Cantonment area on Saturday.

Initially, the police were informed that a woman had died in an accident, but on inspection of the body it was found that her throat had been slit before a car had run over her face and the body to make it look like an accident.

Earlier, the woman had been dropped at the Army Base Hospital in her husband’s official vehicle. When the driver came back to pick her up, he did not find her and also learnt that she did not attend her scheduled physiotherapy session.

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