If I am biggest ‘thug’, why did you accept Rs 50 cr from me? Sukesh asks Kejriwal

Sukesh Chandrashekhar, Delhi, letter

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Incarcerated conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar has alleged that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had accepted Rs 50 crore and offered him a Rajya Sabha seat.

Sukesh has come down heavily on Kejriwal, asking him a series of questions in an open letter.

“If I am the country’s biggest thug, on what basis did you accept Rs 50 crore from me and offered me Rajya Sabha seat,” Sukesh asked the Delhi Chief Minister in a letter released by him on Friday.


Sukesh said he had also filed a fresh complaint with the Delhi Lieutenant Governor against Kerjwal, AAP leaders Kailash Gehlot and Satyendra Jain.

Meanwhile, through his letter he asked Kejriwal a series of questions.

“In 2016, Kejriwal ji, why did you force me to bring 20 to 30 more individuals to contribute Rs 500 crore in

cash to the party in return for seats and postings in AAP Karnataka and Tamil Nadu?” he asked further in his letter.

Sukesh even alleged that Kejriwal, along with AAP jailed leader Satyendra Jain, had attended his dinner party in a five star hotel in 2016.

“Why did you attend my dinner party along with Mr Jain in 2016 at Hyatt, Bhikaji Cama Place, where I was staying after delivering Rs 50 crore which I paid at Gehlot farm house at Asola to Mr Satyendra Jain on your instructions?,” he asked Kejriwal.

“Kejriwal ji, why have you forced me and kept following up to make sure Mr Bhaskar Rao, Ex- Commissioner of Police, Banglore only joins AAP after his service as a super cop?” he further asked.

“Kejriwal ji, why did you speak to me on the phone of Mr Jain in 2017 when he came to visit me in Tihar Jail? In black Iphone the name was saved as AK-2,” Sukesh said.

“Kejriwal Ji why did you keep telling Mr Jain to ask me to convince a few MLAs and actors in Tamil Nadu to join AAP? In 2016 and 2017 why was constant pressure put on me? How come you were ‘Ok’ when 10 more crores was paid to Mr Jain in 2019 for jail protection money,” he asked.

“So hence Kejriwal ji, before pointing your finger towards me and trying to make the issue political and diverting the topic in people’s mind, now it is time you will be answerable to law as I will submit evidence of every transaction and conversation between you, me and other associates of yours. I don’t think I will back up,” he further said.