The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) has busted an alleged trafficking racket in East Delhi. According to spokesperson of the commission, a call was received on 181 Women Helpline from a group of parents who had come from Jharkhand searching for their children missing for over three years.

“Along with the parents was a minor girl who had been trafficked along with other children but had managed to flee and reunite with relatives. The girl informed that she was getting calls from the trafficker lady who was luring her to come back to Delhi,” a DCW statement said.

As per the statement, the alleged trafficker ran a placement agency in East Delhi. The minor girl had earlier been placed in Bangalore where she had not been paid for over two years.

On receipt of that information, the DCW chairperson constituted a team. A trap was laid by the DCW’s Mobile Helpline team and the alleged trafficker was called to meet at Akshardham Metro Station.

The trafficker and an accomplice duly arrived there to meet with girl.

They were caught with help of the local police as they tried to take the girl away.

An FIR was registered in that connection at Mandawali police station.

“During interrogation, details of two minor girls, who were subsequently rescued by DCW’s Mobile Helpline team and local police, were received. One of them was a 12-year-old from Janakpuri while another from Pitampura was 13. The 12-year-old girl was reported to be pregnant. Separate FIRs were filed against the employers of the two girls,” the statement added.

One minor boy was also rescued by the DCW’s Mobile Helpline team from Hisar, Haryana, along with the Delhi Police.

It was claimed that the rescued minors had not been paid for their work for years and even papers recovered by the authorities mentioned that their monthly salaries were between Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,500. The minors were neither allowed to go out of houses of their employers nor permitted to contact their parents, the spokesperson added.