Slum dwellers, including women, resisted the ongoing culling operation in Sandhkuda and Badapadia areas. The women folk hid their hens and bolted doors when the team reached the area. Many of them threatened to assault the staff and said the compensation per hen was inadequate.

It may be noted that culling operations have been initiated since last three days following confirmation of avian flu in the area. Meanwhile, Paradip Municipality with the help of police personnel raided in different hotels, first food centers and different schools of Paradip port to impose ban the sale of chickens and eggs to prevent the spread of bird flu.

Sources said that many slum dwellers have been managed to flee from Paradip areas after locking their house and hiding their hens and domestic birds to avert culling operation. The businessmen and farmers are provided compensation of Rs.90 for desi chicken and duck, Rs 70 for boiler, Rs 20 for chicks and Rs 3 for each egg but locals insist that the rate is low and does not compensate for their loss of business.

Mr Santosh Behera and others said there has been a dip in sales by 30 per cent. The price of egg in the market is Rs 6 but the compensation is only Rs 3, he pointed out. Despite ban on sale of chickens and eggs, some hotel owners have been allegedly sold chickens and eggs.

Even, many hotels have also allegedly supplied eggs and chickens to the crew members of vessels. Neither the administration nor the authority of Paradip port trust has issued any instructions to the crew members of different vessels in this regard.

Collector Mr Sachidananada Sahoo said in view of resistance by women folk we have now engaged lady employees of veterinary department to accompany the culling team. He said today 250 chickens had been culled within one km of affected areas and more than 1000 eggs have been destroyed. The administration has targeted to cull more than 2000 chickens in affected areas, he informed.