Four men were arrested from a rented accommodation at Omkar Nagar on Wednesday at 8 p.m. for conducting digital gambling sessions on the Champions Trophy match between India and Sri Lanka. They were identified as Lalit Kumar, 39, Vijay Kumar, 47, Durga Goyal, 47 and Raju Gupta, 46.

The racket was operational for the last three years and the gambling was conducted at various places. To avoid any suspicion and dodge the attention of police, they used to keep changing the 'den'.

Before including anyone in their gambling ring, they used to make sure that the person is rich and would be able to pay up. They kept the phone numbers of families of each of their visitors and threatened to disclose their involvement in betting if they did not pay.
With this unique modus operandi, they managed to run their racket smoothly and avoid suspicion. But on Wednesday, a tipoff was received about a racket. Immediately, a team of police was deployed at the house and arrested four people while they were betting on the match through laptops and phones.

Lots of mobile phones and laptops with betting apps were recovered from their possession.

During interrogation, they confessed to being engaged in betting and also revealed that they had also bet on IPL matches. They made lakhs from betting and distributed it equally among the four members, say police.