After a large amount of gold seizure on Tuesday from former IPS officer Bharati Ghosh’s lockers, the CID on Wednesday got hold of large tranche of cash worth Rs 2 crore following a search conducted by the agency at a flat owned by an aide of MAV Raju, husband of former West Midnapore police superintendent.

According to CID sources, the sleuths on Wednesday conducted search at a flat at Bansdroni owned by an aide of Raju, husband of former IPS officer and seized Rs 2 crore from there. The source also claimed the probe revealed that the key of the flat was kept with Raju and the cash which was stashed in the cupboard was reportedly a handiwork of Sujit Mandol, guard of Bharati, who is now on the run.

DIG CID, Nishad Parvez, said, “ The CID following a raid conducted at a flat at Bansdroni on Wednesday impounded cash worth Rs 2 crore from a cupboard. The flat reportedly owned by an aide of Raju, husband of former IPS officer.

After a probe it was found that the key of flat was with Raj and the cash was stashed there by Sujit Mandol, guard of Ghosh, who is still at large till date.” A CID officer said after Tuesday’s major seizure, Wednesday’s was one of the biggest breakthroughs the agency had come across so far after the recovery of Rs 2.5 cr from the flat of Ghosh at Madurdaha a few days back.

The officer also claimed Wednesday’s development came on the heels of a marathon interrogation of Raju since yesterday. He was asked to explain the source of wealth that was recovered from the flats of Madurdaha owned by her wife and former IPS officer, which was found to be “unaccounted for”.

The source also claimed the agency had asked him to identify the sources of the 11 land deeds and the unaccounted wealth along with jewellery that were recovered from his residence at Naktala. Earlier, on Tuesday, the CID sleuths armed with warrant of a search issued by the Ghatal Subdivisional court had in a raid seized valuables of 100 bhari gold worth Rs 33 lakh from two lockers of a nationalised bank at Southern Avenue in the presence of Raju and his counsel.

Bhrati, the day before on Tuesday, had in an audio message to a section of the media from an undisclosed location claimed thatbeing a daughter of a landlord family, “I was given 75 tolla of gold during my wedding way back in 1994. I had notified it with the state government in the assessment report. And the CID despite having the search warrant only they had embarked on a seizure spree without the requisite warrant from the court.”