The state cabinet cleared a proposed package of five pipe water supply projects in villages of Nuapada district affected by high fluoride content in water. The project worth Rs 370 crore is to be executed by M/s Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Chennai. It also approved a dairy and milk production plant by NDDB. Occurrence of fluoride beyond permissible limit has been the cause of concern to the people in certain areas of the State especially in Nuapada District.

In Odisha, the fluoride contamination in Drinking water sources have been noticed in 1658 Habitations in 16 Districts. Out of these, 905 habitations of Nuapada are severely affected with fluoride. Of these habitations, 317 are already covered with Pipe Water Supply systems. Projects worth Rs 250 crore are under different schemes. For the remaining 217 villages, the cabinet today cleared the package of projects worth Rs 370 crore.

Another decision taken by the cabinet related to the proposed NDDB project of setting up a 5LLPD automated Dairy and Milk production plant on a turn key basis. The proposed new automated plant will substantially help in reducing the present processing cost per litre of milk. This will help in establishing a leading role for the Dairy Federation in processing and marketing of quality milk and milk products in the State, said official sources.

Amongst other decisions was the proposal for amendment of the Odisha Municipal Act,1950 (Odisha Act 23 of 1950) and the Odisha Municipal Corporation Act, 2003 (Odisha Act 11 of 2003) relating to voting at no trust motions against chairperson or vice chairperson, mayor or deputy mayor by secret ballot. The main aim of the said provisions is to obey the direction issued by the political party to which the elected representative belongs, or by any person or authority authorised by such political party in this behalf.

It is essential for a political party to know whether the elected representative who has won the election with their party symbol is adhering to their ideology and obeying the instructions in letter and spirit. For the purpose, a detailed procedure is required to be prescribed for verification of the vote as to whom the elector cast his vote prior to insertion of the ballot paper inside the ballot box. The voting at all such meetings shall be made in such manner as may be prescribed is the amendment that is proposed.