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Buddha Jayanti celebrated in Arunachal Pradesh

PTI | Itanagar |

The Buddhist community in Arunachal Pradesh on Wednesday celebrated Buddha Jayanti- the day symbolizing Buddha's birth, enlightenment and salvation (Nirvana) across state with religious fervour and gaiety.

The Theravada Buddhist Society and Itanagar Buddhist Cultural Society jointly celebrated the day at Theravada Buddhist Vihara and Thuptan Ga-Tselling Monastery, here with great zeal and enthusiasm.

A religious procession was organised on the occasion in which a large number of devotees carrying a statuette of Lord Buddha and holy scripts and chanting Buddhist mantras went from Theravada Buddhist Monastery to Thuptan Ga-Tselling Monastery.

State minister Bamang Felix who participated in it said that Buddha's teachings have been a way of life as Buddhism is based on peace, friendship, compassion and non-violence.

The celebration is of great spiritual significance as it is an occasion for the people to reflect and draw inspiration from Buddha on peace, harmony and tolerance, he added.

Speaker T N Thongduk stressed on Buddha's teachings and the path to develop love, compassion and generosity among people which helps in maintaining a good communal harmony and unity in region.

At Namsai district, Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein joined the celebrations organised by Pariyatti Sasana Buddha Vihara.

The day is a very important and auspicious day for the Buddhist community, he said adding "We are Buddhist by birth but ignorant about many facets of the religion and its philosophy," he said.

Calling for better propagation and imparting teachings of Buddha, he also stressed on the need for preservation and promotion of Buddhist religious culture.

Namsai district is the abode of Theravada Buddhism but people do not practice the principles of Buddhism but indulge in rampant hunting of wild animals," the deputy chief minister said and called for a ban in hunting.

He advocated institutionalization of the Buddhist Viharas so that it could diversify its services as in health and education sectors instead of remaining just centres of religious teachings.