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Road accidents claim 9 human lives daily in Odisha

On an average, more than 18 road accidents occurred across the State from 2019 to 2021.

Statesman News Service | BHUBANESWAR |


Odisha is fast emerging as a major road-accident-fatality corridor in the country with nine persons getting killed daily if the statistics of the last three years are any indication.

The statistics released by the government uncovered the disturbing trends with as many as 9 people perishing in road accidents on a daily basis in the last three years. On an average, more than 18 road accidents occurred across the State from 2019 to 2021.

As many as 9,495 road accident fatalities were reported from 2019 to 2021 while the State saw 19,807 road accidents during the period.

Despite the implementation of Good Samaritan Policy, It has been found that failure to provide immediate treatment to the victims is leading to the rising graph of mortality said road safety campaigners.

They also attributed the non-installation of traffic signals, badly maintained vehicles and reckless driving, driving under alcoholic influence, unauthorized roadside parking for the spurt in road accidents.

The State government has initiated several measures to curb the accident rate. The accident-prone highways have been brought under CCTV surveillance. Those resorting to reckless driving are being penalized. Unauthorised road-side parking, which is a major cause of road accidents, is being sternly dealt with, said transport officials.

The steps initiated to bring down the road accidents also include the deployment of interceptors with speed detection radar and breathalyzers to detect drunk driving. Speedy driving and all forms of traffic violations are strictly being intercepted.

Retro-reflective tapes have been put in place along the accident-prone zones on the highways to reduce accidents. Meridian intersection points with solar-powered blinkers have also been installed on the highways as an accident control measure, the officials added.