The water level in Hirakud dam is depleting at an alarming rate worrying both farmers and the dam authorities. The shortfall in rain in the upper catchment is said to be the main reason behind the decrease in the level.

“Last year on this day, the water level was 610 feet and first flood water was discharged to Mahanadi on 25 July 2018. But this year, we are to now count every drop of water,” said a senior officer of Hirakud Dam Project.

“Discharge of first flood water will also get delayed,” he added. “If we don’t get sufficient rain fall within a day or two, the situation will be alarming but we will never neglect the canal system and water for farmers,” he said.

As per information, the water level in Hirakud today is 598.79 feet. Just few days back, i.e. on 13 July, the water level was 601.65 feet, but it has reduced drastically with only 8005 cusec inflow, informed the dam control room authorities.

Further power generation has almost stopped keeping in view to the needs of the farmers in the peak period. With decrease in water level, the farmer communities of the entire Hirakud command area are put at a loss as they feel panicked. If the level decreases further and reaches 595 feet, then discharge of water to the canal would be totally impossible.

But keeping in view the situation, government has reduced power generation drastically with only one turbine running at present consuming only 3000 cusec water. “Hence, we will not have any problem at present for irrigation purposes even if we don’t get rainfall for a few days,” said officials.