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Ahead of Diwali, ban on Chinese items gains fresh momentum

Bhawani Negi | Shimla |

Amid state assembly election hullabaloo ahead of Diwali, the ban on Chinese items has gained fresh momentum in the upper Shimla belt.

Right wing (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) affiliate, Swadeshi Jagaran Manch (SJM) has launched an intensive campaign, against the Chinese items that flood the markets in huge quantity, especially during the Diwali festival.

SJM Shimla district chapter has launched a campaign in the upper Shimla apple belt that includes Theog, Rohru, Jubbal, Kotkhai, Tikker to boycott Chinese goods.

Swadeshi Jagran Manch Shimla district president, Sushant Deshta spearheading the drive said, “The citizens of the country should come forward to contribute in their own way by boycotting Chinese goods. We must remember that it is not the duty of the Army alone, to take head-on with China in such instances like the recent Doklam Standoff.”

China is cashing high by dumping cheap Chinese goods in the markets of India, thus disrupting India’s economic growth and paving way for sale of their products and increasing business manifold, he added.

Launching the campaign ahead of Diwali as a part of the second phase of ban of Chinese goods, has become all the more imperative as during Diwali festivity, taking it an opportune time to cash on the religious sentiments of the people of the country Chinese goods are flooded in the markets the most, he said, adding that the campaign can be successful with the participation of public as we already have local and traditional alternatives to tackle it.

“We are going door to door, meeting the general public as well as shopkeepers, distributing pamphlets and sensitising the public to boycott Chinese goods. With the festive season on mind, stress is being laid on the use of traditionally made diyas, instead of Chinese lights. Need is to discourage Chinese economy and promote local economy and employment. Besides, use of Chinese crackers is also being discouraged to save the environment from pollution, as Chinese crackers are known to use harmful chemicals,” said Deshta.

On the call given by SJM, earlier this year, the Shimla district wing, as a part of first phase of campaign launched a signature drive during which as many as 16,000 people from Shimla district had pledged not to use Chinese goods.

On October 29, a huge rally is scheduled to be held SJM at Delhi for ban of Chinese Goods, said Deshta.