The life of around 300 patients at St Stephen’s Hospital can now be saved after an Oxygen supplier from Haryana agreed to send Oxygen supply to the hospital, officials told The Statesman.

The supplier, Linde India Limited has informed St. Stephen’s hospital that the oxygen supply will be replenished in the next few hours. Dr Sudhir Josheph, director of the hospital said: “The company representatives are on their way and we are hopeful that the problem will be solved soon”.

The St Stephen’s Hospital is facing an acute oxygen shortage. With over 300 COVID-19 patients gasping for breath, the hospital is currently operating with medical oxygen supply of merely an hour hours. The hospital had alleged earlier in the day that Linde India has stopped their supply and they need immediate help.

“With 300 COVID-19 patients and a limit of two hours, St. Stephen’s Hospital, Tis Hazari is struggling to survive and seek immediate help. Oxygen supplier Linde India has stopped our supply,” Dr Joseph had stated.

The authorities had alleged the Haryana government to stop its supplies. It had urged the Delhi government to intervene in the matter and ensure the oxygen’s supply.

“We are pleading for your help to initiate appropriate action URGENTLY and ensure supply of oxygen to the hospital within hours,” the hospital had said.

Meanwhile, five hours of oxygen is left at Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital with 58 COVID-19 patients admitted in the hospital including 10 in the intensive care unit (ICU). At least 35 patients are currently awaiting admission to the hospital, doctors there informed The Statesman.

Two more Delhi hospitals have also flagged a critical shortage of oxygen and said the Haryana government has blocked the tankers at the border. Holy Family Hospital and Sir Irene Hospital said their supplies will last a few hours.

Delhi, struggling to manage an unprecedented surge of Covid, has been flagging a serious shortage of oxygen. Yesterday, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia had listed a number of private and government-run hospitals that are running low.

On Tuesday, three key hospitals in Delhi were down to just hours’ supply of oxygen. The GTB hospital had just four hours’ supply, Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain tweeted hours after Max hospital and Ganga Ram hospital flagged their shortage.