According to reports, the Department of Telecom plans to conclude spectrum auction by November 30. The inter-ministerial panel, Digital Communications Commission, will meet after the third week of September to finalise the spectrum auction prices.

There may not be any new set of prices of the auction. “We are in the process of appointing an auctioneer soon,” sources quoted by IANS added.

Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had said he hoped to complete the auction in the current calendar. Sources also hoped that despite telcos crying about their financial conditions, they all would bid for the auction at a base price and the government would not have any problem in raising at least the expected revenue calculated on the base price of the fully sold spectrum.

As the financial health of Industry is poor at the moment, high auction price might be a concern. But the sources ruled out the issue and stated if banks are not giving them loans due to poor financials of the sector, they can approach other means of funding. Shareholders themselves can pump in funds; it will be their issue for the fund management.

In August 2018, TRAI recommended auction of about 8,644 MHz of spectrum across bands at an estimated total base price of Rs 4.9 lakh crore, but the industry said the proposed prices were unaffordable and exorbitant. For instance, for the 5G band in the 3300-3600 MHz (5G), where prices had been given for the first time at Rs 492 crore per MHz, for a pan-India minimum block of 20 MHz, operators would have to shell out Rs 9,840 crore, which is seen as steep and telcos think uncompetitive.

Similarly, though TRAI had reduced the reserve price by 43 per cent at Rs 6,568 crore per MHz for the premium 4G spectrum, still for a pan-India 5 MHz block, operators would have to shell out Rs 32,840 crore. Whereas, the global auction of 5G spectrum, the price of Rs 492 crore per MHz for 5G spectrum was seen on the higher side, as the South Korean auctions which happened last year had the price at Rs 130 crore per MHz.

The highly placed source at TRAI said, the 5G ecosystem is not yet developed in India so even if auctions are conducted and operators win the spectrum, they will have to wait for a considerable period before it can effectively be used.

(With input from agencies)