Online recruitment activities in the month of November registered a year-on-year (y-o-y) growth rate of 24 per cent with the home appliances sector in the lead with 72 per cent growth, a report said here on Thursday.

According to the Monster Employment Index, online hiring in banking/financial services, insurance increased to 56 per cent in November 2017 from 34 per cent in October 2017, with a four per cent increase in month-on-month demand.

The report said e-recruitment activity in production and manufacturing surpassed the year-ago level by 31 per cent.

The sector recorded a seven per cent increase in month-on-month growth. The IT sector has also shown growth with a jump from 23 per cent in October 2017 to 42 per cent in November 2017, it added.

“Interesting thing to observe is that tier II markets were seen outpacing metros in terms of online hiring but in November, we have witnessed a significant surge in demand in key metros such as Kolkata (51 per cent), Mumbai (23 per cent) and Chennai (13 per cent),” said Sanjay Modi, Managing Director,, Asia Pacific and Middle-East.

“Another noteworthy development has been in the IT sector, where the recruitment has displayed a positive growth and showcases an optimistic scenario from a long-term perspective and recovery of the sector,” he added.

City-wise data in the report showed there has been improvement in online recruitment activity, with Kolkata recording the most notable annual growth rate among all monitored cities at 51 per cent, followed by Baroda (up 46 per cent).

“In Mumbai, the year-on-year growth rate paced up from one per cent in October 2017 to 23 per cent in November 2017. Bengaluru (up 16 per cent), Chennai (up 13 per cent) and Delhi-NCR (up 6 per cent) also witnessed positive growth on the year,” said the report.

The Monster Employment Index, which was launched in May 2010 with data collected since October 2009, is a broad and comprehensive monthly analysis of online job posting activity in India conducted by Monster India.