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HDFC Bank’s chatbot now works with Google Assistant


HDFC Bank’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based chatbot ‘Eva’ will now work with Google Assistant on millions of Android devices, the company announced on Wednesday.

‘Eva’ — built for HDFC Bank by Bengaluru-based Senseforth AI Research — claims to have answered more than five million user queries with more than 85 percent accuracy.

“The Google Assistant rollout will make the bank’s services accessible to even more customers right on their phones,” Nitin Chugh, Country Head – Digital Banking, HDFC Bank, said in a statement.

Users can just say “Ok Google, talk to HDFC Bank” to their Google Assistant to interact with ‘Eva’.

“Our AI-driven chatbots with text messaging and voice interactions will help bring millions of non-tech-savvy customers into the fold of digital economy,” added Ritesh Radhakrishnan, CTO and co-Founder, Senseforth.

‘Eva’ currently handles over 50,000 semantic variations for thousands of banking related intents, tracks and analyses everyday customer issues and gains a deeper understanding of their behaviour patterns

“We’re excited that HDFC’s aEva’ chatbot now works with the Google Assistant, where millions will now have access to banking-related information,” said Monisha Varadan, Strategic Partner Development Manager, Google.