3bO is India’s first face mask that uses CeNSTech™ – a patented technology of CeNS, a Govt of India, Dept of Science & Technology Lab, which provides antiviral and antibacterial protection.

Designed and developed by the scientists at CeNS, 3bO is the only mask based on triboelectricity. The mask is being manufactured and marketed by Camellia Clothing, a three-decade-old clothing company based in Bangalore, under an exclusive global license from CeNS.

3bO masks use the concept of Triboelectricity to give the masks enhanced Electrostatic Filtration, and aid Electrostatic Viral deactivation, over and above the mechanical filtration.

Live viral filtration results have shown 90% live viral filtration in 3bO masks compared to 56% filtration in highly ranked chemically coated masks. The inner layers of 3bO mask continuously generate a triboelectric charge through the natural airflow of breath and speech.

This charge, while being completely harmless to the wearer, offers extra protection in two unique ways:

Electrostatic Filtration: Triboelectricity generated in the mask acts as an electric wall that provides advanced antimicrobial filtration, over and above the mechanical filtration offered by the multiple fabric layers in the 3bO mask.

Antiviral Triboelectric Charge: Studies have shown that triboelectricity and electroceutical fabrics can be used effectively to destabilize viruses. Contact with an electroceutical fabric for one minute leads to a significant reduction in the electrokinetic property of the viral particles. Triboelectricity helps in the deactivation of viruses in a significant way, without any harm to the wearer of the mask.

The Deltoid shape of the mask and its feather-light weight of mere 5.6 grams is engineered to provide high breathability and continuous comfort in addition to providing the ultimate level of protection.

It provides ample space in front of the mouth ensuring zero speech distortion. It also provides a snug fit leaving practically no room for leakage while breathing thus ensuring zero fogging on one’s glasses.

It is a reusable mask that can withstand 30 washes and is the only mask which has a range of options for specific applications – industrial, controlled and uncontrolled environments.

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