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West Bengal Class 10 Board Madhyamik Pariksha begins, check schedule

SNS Web | New Delhi |

The Class 10 Madhyamik Pariksha (Secondary Examination) conducted by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Examination (WBBSE) commenced on Monday and will continue till 22 March.

A total of 11,02,921 students will take the exams. Just like 2017, girls outnumber boys in the examinations.

WBBSE Administrator Kalyanmoy Ganguly said that while 6,21,366 girls will sit for the exams, boys will number 4,81,555 – which is around 44 per cent of the total. The total number of examinees increased by 31,075 in 2018.

The examination will be held at 2,819 centres across all the districts in the state and will be conducted for the first time in the Santhali medium as well.

“The questions have been set in the Ol Chiki script. The total number of candidates in the Santhali medium is 832, who would appear at 37 school venues,” he said.

The exam will begin at 11.45 am and end at 3 pm.

WBBSE said that examinations in shorthand and typewriting will be held at Kolkata and Siliguri only.

No cellphones, calculators or electronic devices will be allowed on the premises of the examination centre. Candidates caught using any of these devices will be barred from the examinations.

Indian Express published the complete exam schedule:

March 12: First languages (Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Modern Tibetan, Nepali, Odio, Gurmukhi (Punjabi), Telugu, Urdu and Santali)

March 13: Second languages (English, if any language other than English is offered as First Language. 2) Bengali or Nepali, if English is the First Language)

March 14: Geography

March 16: History

March 17: Physical Science

March 19: Mathematics

March 20: Life Science

March 21: Optional elective subject

(With inputs from IANS)