Mahindra Ecole College of Engineering, Hyderabad, organised a two-day workshop on Design Thinking. This workshop was conducted by Avinash Jhangiani, Mentor of Change for NITI Aayog’s AIM mission, Guest lecturer, Startup Mentor, Facilitator, Writer and Award-winning Digital and Technology professional.

The students present were introduced to the idea of design thinking and the practical implementation of the process.

The main idea was to open up students to different stages of concept design and think for themselves, then to come together as a team and look at the collaborative approach and finally come up with solutions to different issues using the design thinking process.

The students were trained on how to connect with a client, understand requirements, identify issues, work on problem statements, design a solution, come up with ideas to present to the client and create a prototype using Legos and dough to give a tangible form to the idea.

Dr Yajulu Medury, Director, Mahindra Ecole Centrale said, “At MEC, our focus is on creating an industry ready Engineer, who has the relevant skills to make a difference. Innovation is core to our offering and the Design Thinking workshop was a much-needed step in empowering students to understand the concept of design. Our intention is to unshackle the thinking process and provide the students with the requisite skill-sets to work as individuals and teams, to be collaborative, to be able to think out of the box, and to create, conceive, develop and invent new solutions to the problems,”

The Design Thinking workshop reinforced the need for the students to be aware of design concepts and the practical aspects of it. The participants were introduced to alternate ways of designing or creating a product or service, rather than coming up with a product and looking for end users.

‘This experience will help the students stand out from the crowd as they venture out to the professional world’, added Dr Medury.