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Journey of life

Sourajyoti Mazumdar |

The British pop star, former member of the band One Direction, Zayn Malik took almost no time in coming out with the photographical journey of his life. His bizarre exit from One Direction broke hearts of million music lovers.

Well, all the answers are in his self-titled autobiography Zayn. Starting from his childhood, one can visualise his experiences while turning the pages of this book.

The way he expressed his likeability towards his band mates and gratitude to his mom and dad is indeed appreciable. The difference in his life before the band and post One Direction is vividly expressed through his lines, “You always got people to laugh with, share your experience with”

The Bradford bad boy tells us that he was always shy of the camera and liked to keep to himself when alone. Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam always called him the mysterious one of the band.

He was sad that when he tried reaching out to many after quitting One Direction, he did not get any replies. “Many Phone numbers have changed. I thought Louis would never stop being my best friend, but I was wrong”- reveals the deep pain in his heart.

The thing that drew me about Zayn after reading this book was that he did not discuss about other people. Not once does he try to defame others, not even his band mates. Zayn portrayed the effort behind his debut album Mind Of Mine in his book so well, no wonder why it achieved such huge success.

He likes to read and every lyric he pens down mean something to him. Will the reunion of One Direction take place? What is the real reason behind his departure from the band? One will have all the questions answered.

Get ready to experience a pop-star’s life, for once the readers start turning the pages, they will never be able to keep it away.

(Coordinator, Class X, St Vincent’s High & Technical School, Asansol)