ICSI Announces Results for June 2023 Company Secretaries Examinations

The highly anticipated results of the Company Secretaries Examinations for the June 2023 Session have been officially announced today. Conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), these examinations have provided a platform for aspiring professionals to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. The results were declared in New Delhi and subsequently shared with the ICSI’s Regional and Chapter Offices across the nation.

The ICSI has made the results available on its official website, www.icsi.edu. Furthermore, a noteworthy development is the introduction of the e-Result-cum-Marks Statement, enabling examinees of the Executive Programme Examination to conveniently download their results.

Professional Programme Examination Highlights:


  • Module I Pass Rate: 9.07%
  • Module II Pass Rate: 7.86%
  • Module III Pass Rate: 13.11%

Among the high-achievers, Rashi Amrut Parakh has emerged as a shining star. Securing the All-India First Rank, Rashi appeared from the Kolhapur Examination Centre, showcasing remarkable dedication and expertise.

Executive Programme Examination Highlights:

  • Module I Pass Rate: 5.85%
  • Module II Pass Rate: 13.05%

Bhumika Singh, hailing from the Meerut Examination Centre, has claimed the coveted All-India First Rank in the Executive Programme Examination, a testament to her hard work and determination.

Looking ahead, the Company Secretaries Examinations for the Executive Programme and Professional Programme are set to take place in the December 2023 Session. Scheduled from Thursday, December 21 to Saturday, December 30, 2023, these examinations mark another significant milestone for the aspiring professionals.

Starting from the December 2023 Examination, candidates will be provided an additional 15 minutes for reading the Question Paper. This step aims to enhance the overall examination experience and aligns with the ICSI’s commitment to providing a conducive and supportive environment for its examinees.

For comprehensive information regarding the upcoming examinations and other details, interested parties are encouraged to visit the ICSI’s official website, www.icsi.edu.