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Beyond the realms of rote learning

Rajveer Meena | Updated :

As more and more students gradually access online learning for preparation, edu tech is going to play a fundamental role in bringing about a see change  in India.

The size of our country’s e-learning market was $ 247 million, comprising 1.6 million users in 2016. The market size is expected to grow to $1.96 billion with a growing user base six times to 9.6 million users by 2021.

In fact, India’s e-learning market is the second-largest after the US, which is forecasted to exceed $48 billion by 2020. Students can now easily embrace technology to innovate their online test preparation practices.

It’s the beginning of another year and many candidates must be asking themselves, “How well do I score in my competitive exams?”

While most of you are looking for something more, many of you might be on the lookout for a different approach that helps better your score. Increasingly, students and professionals alike are finding that solution with online test preparations. Well, for those who’ve already scoffed at it for being inferior, are now more than ever navigating the course of their career through online preparation.

It is a known fact that competitive exams are often hard to crack. With lakhs of aspirants appearing for a limited number of seats, only the crème de la crème get recruited. India alone holds uncountable competitive exams for graduate and professional courses along with those for securing jobs in the government sector.

Most of these exams are held online in the MCQ form. The burgeoning pressure is not the only thing making the task difficult but the absence of high-quality learning resources to candidates in remote areas hinders their own capabilities.

But, in today’s age, e-learning has made the entire process of preparation easy and readily available. This not only enables you to learn useful note-taking techniques that are required to answer each exam better, but the prep resources are designed to fit your own study preference and needs.

With the advent of end-tech, there is an entire spectrum of offerings that provide students with a wealth of expertise and knowledge. It has the ability to provide a complete solution to students from all walks of life to capitalise on bettering their examination score.

With a hardcore penetration of smart phones and other technology driven devices, over a billion people have easy availability of the Internet. Therefore, solutions like real-time learning, video solutions, live sessions, question banks, interactive videos satellite TVs, career counselling, and feedback methods, are encouraging online learning to its pinnacle.

The preparation for competitive exams begins at least a year or more in advance and not each tuition centre is integrated with good faculty or decent material that satiates a learner’s regular need.

Online learning help applicants gain access to live session with independent tutors and publishers who have deep expertise with advanced training as well as a rich and global experience.

They are able to explain complex topics better with sufficient attention. Interestingly enough, of all selected candidates for various competitive exams, most of the students have used online platforms for preparation deeply.

This is also owing to a fact that a continuous flow of fresh study material like quizzes and tests keep students engaged beyond the normal learning system. They can check for relevant topics of study, attend tutorials and review sessions to better hone their subject skills.

The availability of online study material combined with online mock tests, question banks, and interactive videos help aspirants improve practice, gain confidence and further improve their results. This will not only instill competitiveness but eventually reflect well on their score while giving their diverse competitive examinations.

Another fascinating thing about online test preparation is that it gets you pretty close to self-assessment. Before taking any major plunge, online tests and quizzes help you get a clear understanding of where you stand.

It lets you identify areas of weakness where more assistance or education can help get a better score in competitive exams. This is pretty vital for students, as they know that each score matters. And a performance review also takes away anxiety and dread about the exam.

Thus, by investing considerable time purchasing on online mock tests, one can easily think of improving their chances of success. After all, it is not just a premonition, that online test preparation is bringing success to students.

The writer is co-founder, Online Tyari