The celebrations of Christmas have started in the Bigg Boss house. The joy and celebrations have totally taken over the competitive atmosphere inside the house.

Let’s see what happened on Day 99:

Secret task for Deepak:

Bigg Boss calls Deepak and assigns him a secret task. He says if Deepak succeeds, he will win a Christmas gift for the entire house.  Bigg Boss asks Deepak to hide Romil’s son’s bag and Dipika and Shoaib’s picture. And he completes his task.

Another task for Surbhi and Sreesanth:

Deepak asks Surbhi to take the phone and do as Bigg Boss instructs. Bigg Boss asks Surbhi to provoke Dipika so much that she bursts out in tears so that Sreesanth gets into the argument. She completes the task. On the other hand, the next contestant to perform the secret task is Sreesanth and he has to dance while talking to other contestants. Bigg Boss announces that the task is over and housemates will receive their gift soon.

Urvashi Rautela as Santa:

Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela enters the Bigg Boss house as Santa Claus and hands over the gifts sent by contestant’s family members. The housemates have Domino’s pizza and grooves on the beats of Urvashi’s song.

Tomorrow, Christmas vibes will continue in the house as ex-contestants from Bigg Boss will join the party.

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