A teenage girl was allegedly gang-raped by two persons in Kolkata’s New Town area on Tuesday. The police has reportedly arrested both the accused and booked them under the POCSO Act.

The two, both named Rohit Das, were known to the 16-year-old girl, a resident of Hatiara. They had enticed her in the guise of teaching her to ride a motorbike.

According to Bengali news portal The Wall, the two had taken the girl to an area called Ram Mandir where they taught her riding. Afterwards, both the Rohit had insisted her to go for a bike ride nearby to which she agreed.

In her complaint, the teenager has said that she was then taken to a hotel where she was intoxicated with a drink. On losing consciousness, she was allegedly raped by both the accused persons.

After she regained her senses, both the Rohit tried to scare her away and abandoned her at the Ram Mandir area.

She was rescued by the locals there before the Eco Park police station was notified. The girl was brought to safety by the police.

Taking cognizance of her registered complaint, the police had begun the investigation immediately on Tuesday night. Their efforts paid dividends as both the Rohit were arrested. Other than POCSO, they have been booked under other sections as well.

Meanwhile, another incident of gang rape has been reported from East Burdwan’s Kalna. The victim, an adivasi woman, has alleged that she was raped by two persons on Tuesday night in Kalna’s Nadanghat area.

According to her, she was forcefully taken to nearby field when she had come out of her house during the night. She has claimed that among the persons who had approached her, a woman was also there.

As per a report by ABP Ananda, the police has started the investigation based on her verbal complaint. If a writen complaint has been registered or not, is yet to be known.