The decision to conduct online admission in colleges has gone down well with discipline prevailing in the campuses and gates remaining free of crowd. The two colleges known for creating chaos and commotion during the admission procedure ~ Asutosh College and City College ~ portrayed a completely different scenario as the admission procedures were conducted at ease.

Known for long queues with students going haywire with all the running and submission of forms and fee payment, Asutosh College witnessed a calm environment this time. Mr Sanjay Das, unit president of Asutosh College said “State has made online admissions mandatory this year. The payment was done online after the name of the candidate appeared on the list. As soon as the payment completed, the candidate is enrolled as a student of the college. He or she just needs to come to college and get his documents verified from his respective department.”

Mr Gadadhar Majumdar, head of security and an employee for 18 years said:, “This time, Asutosh College was free from the unending queue and most importantly no admissions were done on the basis of donation.”

He appreciated state’s move of making the admission procedure online which has led to transparency and discipline. To assist the procedure, the Information Technology department of Asutosh College has printed forms for students free of cost. Mrs Ghosh, a guardian waiting outside while her ward was inside completing the verification process said, “The new procedure is much more convenient. But, it was difficult for us to follow the instructions on the website, it needed more clarity.”

During previous years, the City College would create hullabaloo among the students because of the uncontrolled crowd. This year, the college authorities are following the mandatory procedure of taking admissions of the first year students without verification and counselling, as per the state’s policy.

The security officer of the college stated, “Earlier, there used to be countless queues in front of the college gate that would cross the adjacent roads. The recent state policy has provided relief to the students. They only need to apply online and if/when they are selected, the admission fee has to be deposited in the bank. After that, the students have to collect the necessary documents from their respective departments.”

The earlier policy would make the students and their guardians go berserk where they would have to run here and there in order to follow the admission procedures. The thoughtful initiative taken by the education minister has made the whole procedure much easier and beneficial for both the students and college authorities.