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Panic in Bengal village as bomb goes off at mosque

Local politicians blame RSS; BJP says handiwork of ruling Trinamool Congress

Statesman News Service | Raiganj |

Panic gripped people living in the residential madrasa at Jhitka village under Dalkhola police station in North Dinajpur after a bomb exploded on the premises of the mosque of the Madrasa High School late Thursday night. There were, however, no reports of injury. The police raided the area after being informed of the mosque blast. However, no one has been arrested so far.

Following the incident, both Forward Bloc MLA of Chakulia, Ali Imran Ramoz, and minister of state incharge of the Panchayat and Rural Development department and TMC MLA of Goalpokhar, Gulam Rabbani, visited the spot, while urging the police to arrest the criminals at the earliest.

Ramoz, under whose constituency the area falls, said, “I visited the spot and I doubt that the crime might have been committed by activists of the RSS. They are trying to create chaos and are forming a division among the common people for gaining political benefits with the BJP in the district.”

He added: “Recently, a number of camps of the RSS are working in different schools in Chakulia. A section of TMC leaders are also helping the RSS camp. SB Toli High School lies 300 meters away from the spot where the bomb exploded. An RSS camp was being held in the school around 10 months ago. We had informed the then District Magistrate, Aiyesha Rani, about the matter, while urging her to take measures to stop the camp there in the school, to which she reacted and stopped the camp in the government school. In the same manner, such camps led by the RSS were shut down on the premises of Majlishpur FP School and Shakuntola High School in Chakulia. Activists of the RSS are being guided by the BJP. We demand the police to arrest at the earliest the people who exploded the bomb in the school.”

Criticising the RSS, Ramoz added, “In 2009-2010 there were around 150 camps formed by the RSS in the state. However, recent reports of the state police’s intelligence branch reveal that more than 4500 camps of the RSS are still active in the state. The numbers of RSS camps are rising each day in the district. Police have no reports about the fact. Our Chief Minister is also dividing people in the state and thus giving rise to the RSS camps here.”

Minister of State in-charge of Panchayat and Rural Development, Ghulam Rabbani said, “I visited the place and we have asked the police to arrest the criminals at the soonest.”

Leaders of the North Dinajpur unit of RSS were not available to comment on the matter.

North Dinajpur BJP Committee president Shankar Chakraborty, however, said, “We are being doubted prior to our chariot rally in the state. Goons backed by the ruling party have committed the crime to defame our party.”

Manajit Das, the officer-in-charge of the Dalkhola police station, said no one had been arrested yet in the matter.