Miscreants raid MLA’s house, attack guard

Jakir Hossain (Facebook)

Miscreants allegedly launched an attack last night on the house of Jangipur MLA, Jakir Hossain of Trinamul Congress party in Murshidabad district, sources said. The police rushed to the spot and launched an inquiry into the incident.

The TMC MLA, who uses the house for holding regular sessions of informal meeting with his visitors, was absent during the midnight attack, it was learnt. The criminal gang applied pepper spray injuring Rinku Sheikh alias Arif who was one of the security guards on duty at the MLA’s house, sources informed. The night guard alleged from the hospital bed that he was held at gun point while one of the attackers hit him with butt of firearms.

The guard was admitted to Jangipur subdivisional hospital with eye injuries , said Jakir Hossain who was formerly a minister in the Mamata Banerjee government. Posing as TMC leaders engaged in municipal election, the criminals politely asked the guard for opening the house door and he opened the gate only to be attacked with pepper spray, Jakir Hossain told reporters today.


The goons raided the house, ransacked office papers and appliances and assaulted the night guard physically, he alleged. On 17 February last year, the Trinamul Congress MLA allegedly faced a terror attack when a blast took place at Nimtita railway station platform in Murshidabad district. Though he survived the blast, multiple injuries on his face, hands and legs left him struggling for full fitness, said his followers who claimed that the NIA investigation into the blast could not trace the actual criminals.

According to media reports, Jakir Hossain also met with an accident last month where he was lucky to escape after a truck rammed into his convoy and hit his pilot car injuring three police personnel on NH-34 at Jangipur.