The Trinamul supremo Mamata Banerjee today addressed two election campaigns at Khanakul and in Pursurah where she lashed out at the Modi led BJP government, holding it responsible for allegedly misguiding the common people with wrong information in a bid to instigate and provoke people against her party leaders and workers.

Miss Banerjee, while addressing the rally at both these assembly seats assured the huge gatherings that steps have already been taken to control the recurring flood situation while some more projects are on the verge of completion that will seek to completely remedy the flood situation in Khanakul, Pursurah, parts of Midnapore, and Burdwan which otherwise causes massive loss of life, property, and livestock.

She further alleged that the Left-Front government in their “34 years of misrule” never took any initiative to control the recurring flood situation in the Arambagh sub division. She justified her allegation by citing what she said was a known slogan in these areas, “CPI(M) er duyi konya -Khara arr Bonya”(draught and flood are two daughters of CPIM).

To check recurring flood situation in the Arambagh Sub-division, Arambagh-Goghat- Khanakul master plan has been initiated at the cost of 40 crores while the lower Damodar basin project has been undertaken at a cost of 2700 crores, highlighted Banerjee, adding her repeated appeals to the Central government to promptly carry out river dredging in the upper Damodar basin has gone in vain.

Banerjee also took credit for being able to supposedly remedy the drinking water issues through Jal Swapna project, aimed at reach drinking water connection to every house in the villages. More water plant projects will be set up, she promised voters.

Mamata told the huge gathering at Khanakul- Pursurah that the B.J.P government has deliberately deprived Bengal and its people during the lockdown and Amphan. She asked the voters to vote in favour of Trinamul Congress candidates Munsi Nazrul Karim and Dilip Yadav in these two constituencies.