State municipal affairs minister Firhad Hakim today handed over compensation cheque of 2.5 lakhs each to the kin of the four persons in the district who died due to the impact of the devastating Amphan cyclone.

Today at Serampore, Hakim requested more time and patience from the Amphan affected people and requested them to co-operate with the district administration so that they can continue with the restoration of power and water supply, promptly.

At Serampore SDICO office, compensation cheques were handed over. The deceased are Uttam Pal and Rajeswar Paul from Serampore; Sanjib Poddar from Chinsurah, and Parasuram Yadav from Bansberia.

Hakim said, “The Amphan cyclone has caused destruction of huge magnitude. Thousands of trees have been uprooted while hundred of electric poles have fallen down. Many lost their shelters while with the prior information of the approaching Amphan cyclone, lakhs of people were evacuated to much safer places. The destruction caused by the severe cyclone was beyond imagination and one can well understand that it is not possible to restore normalcy within few days. Arrangements are being made on war-footing to provide the required infrastructure and man power to meet the alarming situation”

“The civic bodies are reaching mobile water tanks to every area while generators are being put into use to temporary restore the water supply. We need more time to bring things to normal,” said Hakim.

While handing over the cheques, he said, “We have no power to bring back the lost lives but it is the promise of the state chief minister Mamata Banerjee and her government to be always remain beside the needy and the distressed.”