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Gangarampur civic body stalemate gets new twist

Civic body chief claims no-trust motion against him stayed by HC; ‘no’ says TMC.

Statesman News Service | Balurghat |

In another dramatic twist to the Gangarampur municipality imbroglio, the civic body chairman, Prashant Mitra, today claimed that a division bench of the Calcutta high court has stayed the no-confidence motion against him that was supposed to be held on 5 August.

Mr Mitra’s supporters celebrated the purported court ruling with fire-crackers, distributed sweets, organised a rally and shouted slogans like ‘Go back Arpita’ at the Gangarampur municipality office premises. They were referring to the Trinamul Congress district president Arpita Ghosh.

Trinamul Congress leaders, however, claimed that there was no such court order to postpone the no-trust vote. Ten councillors had demanded such a motion on 25 June, while the new vice chairman had fixed the date for the same on 5 August. The 10 councillors wanted the vote earlier, but according to Mr Mitra, the motion could not be held as the high court had stayed the same back then too.

“The division bench has ordered a stay order on the no confidence vote. The court will set a new date for the same,” Mr Mitra claimed.

On the other hand, Trinamul Congress leader and councillor of the municipality, Amalendu Sarkar, claimed no such order was issued by the court.

“The chairman is trying to mislead the people of Gangarampur. They have filed a new case and the court has finalised 5 August for the notrust vote, while the vicechairman has issued an official letter, stating that the chairman will be out of station on 5 August and that the no-confidence vote had been cancelled. This is illegal and in violation of the high court order, as the court had confirmed 5 August for the same. We will, however, be present in the municipality office on 5 August and after a meeting, we will pass a resolution and send it to the administration,” he said.

The district president of the Trinamul Congress, Arpita Ghosh, said, “Ask the chairman to show the stay order. There is no stay order, and our councillors will be present in the municipality on 5 August and they will participate in the noconfidence meeting.”