The second wave of Covid19 is slowly but seriously taking a toll on Raiganj town in North Dinajpur district.

Around 300 persons are being tested positive for the virus every day, sources have said. Separately, a large number of people in the district are in home isolation with symptoms of the virus, and they have not been tested yet, it is learnt.

A housewife of around 40 years, who recently returned from Rajasthan, died after testing positive for Covid-19 at the Raiganj Medical College & Hospital.

The woman live in Ward No 5 in the Raiganj Municipality area, sources said.

“People in the Ward are now panic-stricken, following the death,” a source in the town said.

“Both the husband and the son of the deceased are being tested,” the source added.

“During this second phase, Covid-19 has taken a serious turn. Forty-one persons in our municipality wards have been tested positive for the virus in the past 24 hours. One housewife died today in Ward No 5. We are making all the residents aware of the situation and have been asking them to use the face mask and maintain physical distance on the roads and in markets,” the Chairman of Raiganj Municipality, Sandip Biswas, said.