Following a directive by the Ayush Ministry, all the 12 homoeopathic medical colleges across the state today kicked off free distribution of preventive medication for nCoV in the form of immunity booster. The move came after the ministry claimed that ‘Arsenic Alb 30P’ – a homoeopathic medicine- has the potential to build up adequate immunity to fight the deadly Covid19.

“Mostly, the medicine would help the persons who are asymptomatic with COVID-19. We have set a target to provide pills at least to 50,000 residents in Burdwan (East) district in the first phase,” said Asim Samanta, principal of the Burdwan Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital.

He said, “Intake of 3 to 4 pills daily in empty stomach for three consecutive days is suggested for all which will help a person to grow adequate immunity to fight Covid-19 and this medication won’t have any side effects.”

He added,”This medicine is not a vaccine for Covid-19; rather, this would be termed as an immunity booster against the disease.”

In Burdwan (East), complaints of black marketing of the immunity booster has already come to the notice of the authority.

“That’s why we have arranged absolute free distribution of the medicine here,” the officials said during distribution.

The pills, the officials said, are generally given for respiratory diseases and also in Swine Flu at different potency level. Bengal accommodates 12 homoeopathic colleges and of those one is run by Centre and four are governed by the state.

The rest seven institutions are government aided but private operated. The Burdwan homoeopathic college was set up in 1978 and attends at least 250 patients a day, the officials said.