A constable posted at the Bankura Police Line was assaulted by some drunk youths when he denied to chant ‘Jai Sree Ram’ last night. Nayan Adhikari, the constable, was assigned night duty at the bungalow of the Additional Superintendent of Police in the district town last night.

He had left for his duty from his residential quarters at Ailakandi locality in the town on his bicycle.

He said: “Some youths were standing beside a Kali temple at the Kenduadihi crossing on Bankura-Purulia road. They all were drunk and they stopped me.” The constable suspected that the youths possibly were in trouble and got down from his bicycle. The youths however surrounded him and tp;d him to chant ‘Jai Sree Ram.’

Adhikari said: “Since I was on duty and was on uniform, I declined to chant that and they got furious and started hitting me and I fell on the road.”

During this, one of the youths hit him on his head with a liquor bottle and blood started oozing out and others tore off his uniform.”

When the injured constable started shouting, the youths fled the scene. He then lodged a complaint with Bankura police station and the police later booked one of the accused Rahul Das from the nearby Shikharia Para area.