Volkswagen is going to give a significant makeover to its logo in 2019 in a bid to change its brand image and perception. The carmaker has had a rough patch in the recent past owing to the dieselgate scandal, but now it sees itself at the cusp of a new era with its first electric car set to roll out in 2020.

Since electric cars are more expensive than what buyers are used to paying for a Volkswagen, the new logo is aimed to highlight the innovation and tech, and thus justify a higher sticker price.

Talking about the logo makeover, Volkswagen’s chief marketing officer, Jochen Sengpiehl, reportedly mentioned that the goal is to make VW more approachable as well as highlight innovations to justify a higher price tag for the brand’s vehicles.

He was also quoted saying, “The big challenge is: how do we get people into the electric world,” and “We want people to have fun with us. We need to get more colourful.”

Another reason for the change in the logo has been attributed to the same idea that forged Volkswagen’s identity across the world – that of being ‘too serious’.

Reports also suggest that Volkswagen’s new logo will be social media friendly and ‘something that is so modernized that it can be effectively used on the cars and smartphone screens.’

Volkswagen last updated its logo six years ago in 2012 when it made it three dimensional. But that was a subtle change and the logo has been largely similar since the 1960s when Volkswagen introduced the VW symbol in a simple circle.

The new logo is aimed at bringing a new identity to the brand that managed to sell the most number of vehicles in Europe in 2018.