I am in my late teens and this is the second time I am writing to you. I suffered a lot from acne problems and you had suggested a pack to get rid of these. Now that the acne has gone and the summer is here, my face is getting oily once again. I am also getting a lot of blackheads on my nose. How do I close the pores? Please help. Shilpi Pundit, Pune

You should continue to use the pack throughout the summer as it will continue to help the acne and you won’t get another outburst during the hot weather. Wash your face twice a day with a face wash and scrub it once a day to help remove the blackheads.

Do not be tempted to steam and remove the blackheads as this will lead to open pores. Use an astringent once a day. This can be dabbed on the face after cleansing. The use of astringent and the regular application of a face pack will help to keep the blackheads away.

I am going to the beach for a holiday and would like to know how to dress and what fragrances are ideal. Also, in the evening I will be attending a party — what would be appropriate? It is in Europe so I cannot be too casual. Name and address withheld

With a summer frock you could wear Roman sandals instead of flip-flops. Spray on floral scents like rose or jasmine as these are ideal. Do not use woody perfumes. For a fun evening party, you could wear a crisp white shirt, a pair of denim or cotton ankle-length pants and some statement Indian jewellery.

I am 35 years old and find my skin looks dull. What can I use to make it shine without making it oily? Shandy, Kolkata

You could use a skin serum — this will illuminate your skin without making it look oily. Choose one with luminising pearl and an anti-ageing ingredient like collagen.

I work in an airconditioned office for 10 hours almost six days a week. Though I have normal skin, it now feels dry and flakes at times. Please help. S Nath, Kolkata

You must hydrate your body by drinking lots of water and have fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Tender coconut water is also very good to replenish minerals which are important for a healthy skin. Use a moisturising lotion on your body twice a day immediately after a bath. Keep a small tube in the office and use it on your hands, knees and elbows. These areas dry out faster and look dark and dull.